Animations Contest

Pylon Animations hosts an ongoing monthly contest that encourages young people to create animations, explore their creative talents, and win great prizes. Here is the link:

P.S. Pylon Animations was created by two homeschoolers

Home Schooled Teens Together

Home Schooled Teens Together was started about ten years ago with twenty teens who wanted to meet other home schooled teens; for the past few years we have had enrollments of over 100.

The large enrollment gave our members the opportunity to meet many different home schooled teens, and for parents to meet other parents who are home schooling teens, from all over the state as well as from Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine.

Nerf Club! Three Locations!

The Home School Nerf Club is starting up it's 7th year of fun and excitement! We will continue in our awesome gym in Bow, NH , but will also be starting a new location in Salem, NH at a beautiful new gymnastics center this September !!! We will also be opening a new location in Holderness NH in another wonderful gym in October!

The kids bounce off the mats and over obstacles during our games of Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Castle, and MANY others each month. We have special events like Medieval Nerf & Holiday Nerf, and a Tournament with prizes and a trophy at the end of the year.

Not Back to School Camp invites homeschooled and unschooled teens to join them

Registration for NBTSC is still open!
Not Back to School Camp offers inspiring overnight camps for young people ages 13-18. For over 20 years we’ve been facilitating magic that affirms, inspires and mentors homeschoolers and unschoolers.

Sept 22-Oct 1 (9 nights) ~ Farm & Wilderness Tamarack Farm (Plymouth, Vermont)

Campout: November 2-4 (2 nights) ~ Joshua Tree Lake Campground (Joshua Tree, California)
Main session: November 4-11 (7 nights) Joshua Tree Retreat Center (Joshua Tree, California)
Details at

VLACS Parents Facebook Group

There is a new Facebook group for parents who use VLACS, or are interested in more information about it here in New Hampshire. For anyone interested the link is .This group is for any VLACS parents, whether part time, full time, middle school, high school and for those who have questions about VLACS. VLACS' offices gave their "thumbs up" for this group to start and any questions that we cannot answer will be sought out through them to insure accuracy.